What to Bring on a Party Bus Rental: 7 Essential Reminders

Do you know what to bring on a party bus? Check our list of items to help you decide! From music options to food, almost anything goes for an epic time out!

Proms, weddings, significant birthdays, and milestone anniversaries are extra special events you only get to enjoy every now and then. Why not make these celebrations even more memorable by renting a glamorous party bus? Our fleet of sleek, comfortable buses adds an extra burst of fun to all occasions!

When booking your party bus rental by A-1 Mr. Limo, you’ll want to include a few extras to complete the experience. Use our brief guide below on what to bring on a party bus, courtesy of the team at A-1 Mr. Limo. It should help you finalize plans so that you have everything you could possibly need available during your event.

What to Bring on a Party Bus for The Best Time Together

Planning a party of any sort requires keen attention to detail. You’re bound to forget something without a list, so add the following reminders to your to-do list before you finalize your bus:

#1 Party Decorations Kick Off the Vibes

A ride on a party bus isn’t a sullen affair or an average commute experience. Most passengers consider the ride an extension of the party itself. You’ll want to jazz up the occasion with some fancy, themed party decorations before everyone else hops aboard.

Confetti, balloons, and party favors will elevate the celebratory experience. Just remember to bring a few trash bags for easy cleanup too.

#2 A Party Playlist Prepares the Way

Party buses have a secret: exquisite audio systems! You’ll find no better place to crank up your favorite jams to kick off the event. Before boarding, be sure to craft a playlist of classics, one-hit wonders, and other music options to liven up the crowd on the way.

Personal preference comes into play, and it’s usually safe to choose artists known for fun, poppy hits or heavy-hitting rock singles. However, any style that connects guests will be music to your ears.

#3 Disposable Dinnerware Is Okay This Time

If you want to know what to bring on a party bus rental, don’t overlook the snack menu. You should certainly add disposable dinnerware to your list of items, including plastic plates, cups, or bowls. It simplifies the after-party cleanup and prevents avoidable messes so that you can focus on the fun.

#4 Food and Drinks Keep the Energy Levels High

You can significantly improve a safe ride and party experience by supplying food and nonalcoholic beverages, especially if the partygoers plan to consume alcohol at any point during the event. Try finger foods, candy, and Hors D’oeuvres for perfect bus-friendly options that are small, easy to serve, and unlikely to cause big spills.

Dress it up with disposable wine flutes for extravagance, but having readily available water and fruit juice will help keep the party pumping long into the night. It will keep your guests well-hydrated if the alcohol starts flowing.

#5 Extra Money For Fast-flowing Festivities

Although you’ve already secured the transportation, your crew still needs money to pay for the rest of the night. Most bars and clubs won’t serve drinks on the house, even for a special event. Remind everyone to arrive with plenty of cash or a card to ensure they enjoy the main events.

#6 Make a Plan to Secure Your Personal Effects For the Party

As with any other time you leave home, bring the necessities. Use a small handbag or jacket pocket for safekeeping, including items such as:

  • Keys
  • ID
  • Wallet
  • Makeup
  • Camera
  • Phone

Some guests will even bring deodorant or hand sanitizer to keep things fresh while dancing late into the night.

#7 And Don’t Forget That Extra Pair of Shoes

When you finally board the bus back to your hotel room or final stop, you may want to remove those fancy but uncomfortable shoes. While they look great and complement your outfit perfectly, an extra pair of more comfortable shoes lets you slide your feet into a better place by the end of the night. Many people forget a second pair of shoes, but most professional chauffeurs will tell you that their passengers have never regretted the choice when a heel snaps off, or the dancing has been epic!

Create Unforgettable Memories with a Glamorous Party Bus Rental from A-1 Mr. Limo

Now that you know what to bring on a party bus, all you need to do is rent the bus from the best limo service in Wickliffe, OH. At A-1 Mr. Limo, we can recommend a wedding, prom, or quinceanera party bus for an enthralling experience. Call (440) 943-5466 today to book something from our A-1 Mr. Limo fleet.


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